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I've done quite of few of Robert's courses. I've done the CASHFLOW Blueprint. For me I just want to say thank you to Robert in whatever way that I can. Because I've reached financial Freedom because of following the lessons. I grew up in foster homes and in an orphanage. There was a whole Rich Dad series of books, they had them in audio. And I would drive around, and I would listen to them. Also, there was a version of the CASHFLOW Classic game 101 and 202. I was playing and I was Clocking it on my PC. Then I started to try and do the things in real life. It was only once I started paying for education, once I started to pay for the content, I found it so easy to clock this game. Every time I think about it, it's the most realistic game. And then I did the Real Estate investing course. These opportunities that appear in the game they do appear in real life. There is this concept that luck is when opportunity meets preparation. The opportunities are always there. But if you are not prepared you don't see them. I can see them in the game. Then I did the course. I can actually look at something properly and see it as an opportunity. It gave me so much confidence that I started playing CASHFLOW Classic in real life.

— Luke W., United Kingdom

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