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Hey there, Bryce here.

I just wanted to take a moment and reflect on how much of an incredible experience it's been in the quick quarter that's about to close since we started the Rich Dad Coaching program. We started the program in mid-December and made a vow to make magic happen. I'll start by saying that I can see why some have been known to throw this on the shelf and give up... there's so much information offered in the beginning that saying it's a bit overwhelming is a large understatement! I'm a software engineer so I'm used to taking vast amounts of information, compartmentalizing, and digesting and it was quite overwhelming for me, though I blame that on my drive to expedite the process to see results NOW!

My partner and I hit the ground running. We started our marketing right away; reading as fast and as much of the course materials as we could. In January we made our first offer. While we were working on details of that, we found another lead and made our second offer. We secured financing and closed escrow on the second lead at the beginning of February. We assembled our team and began rehab without a moment to lose. There were hiccups! Rotted water-main, heavy rains, unforeseen work added by inspectors... though we bought smart and had plenty of room in the deal for all of it. I'm happy to say we finished rehab and two days later received an offer for full list price at the peak of the comps in the area with a backup offer three days later.

A friend of mine criticized my choice to spend so much money on the program. I told him it wasn't spent, it was invested. It's not just a program, it's an education. I was taught to fish, and the first fish I caught in only 4 months has paid for the education many times over. I'm still paying off student loans 8 years later from my degree. Guess which education will be used to pay them off now?

— Bryce F., California, USA

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